This project had multiple levels of importance to me: it was one of my very last at Perception, it had an amazing team that poured themselves into the project, and it was a film that I could share with my own children. But as you imagine, the most powerful aspect was collaborating with the one and only Pixar.



The 'Main-on-End' title sequence for Pixar's Lightyear.

"I’m thrilled to say this wasn't a ‘DONT meet your heroes’ situation. Director Angus MacLane, Producer Gayle Sussman, and the team at Pixar were a dream client."

Naturally, my first question to Pixar was “why us?”. Outside of Skywalker Sound, Pixar does not collaborate with outside creatives. Not knowing what to expect, I was astounded by Pixar’s trust and creative generosity, and inspired by their clarity of vision and immaculate attention to detail.

I contributed to this project as Principal / Chief Creative Director, leading a team of talented artists at Perception. Our work was done directly with the filmmakers at Pixar including Director Angus MacLane and Producer Galyn Susman .

Selected Works

Smart Device InnovationUX + 3D UI Design

Google InnovationInnovation + 3D Design

EV Sonic StrategyInnovation + Sound Design

Iron Man 2Project type

Marvel Studios RebrandStudio Logo / Branding

Avengers: EndgameTitle Sequence

Spider-Man 1,2,& 3Project type

Pixar's LightyearProject type

Hypercar HMIProject type


Black PantherTechnology Concepts + Title Sequence

WandaVisionTitle Sequence

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