This title-sequence is one of the most visible projects I've ever been involved with— it celebrates the climax of these films, and marks a high-point in a genre of filmaking that changed cinema forever.



While you can watch the full sequence, I think it is best seen here,

in the context of the fans recieving it:

Let me be clear— this audience is not applauding the design and typography. A hallmark of my continued success with Marvel Studios was understanding the reverance for their characters and stories. When your team is working on the highest-profile opportunity of their career, it is easy for the output to become a masturbatory exercise in creating an impressive portfolio piece. Sharing the reverence for these characters, and owning the mass-popularity of these franchises allowed my team to create work that seamlessly integrated into this massive cinematic universe.

I contributed to this project as Principle / Chief Creative Director, leading a team of talented artists at Perception. Our work was done directly with Directors Joe and Anthony Russo, as well as Kevin Feige and the amazing team at Marvel Studios.

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